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Need some styling inspiration for your 2019 Wedding?

But before we start, the truth is you really don’t need to have a theme or style. But if you do, it does help make your wedding planning become smoother and easier as you have a clear idea of how you want things to look. When you have a wedding theme in mind, think about all the ways you can incorporate it. Start with your wedding invitations, your ceremony and then, the reception & all the way through to your wedding cake.

Here are some ideas to get you started, enjoy!

Greenery Inspired wedding

Greenery is the hottest thing this wedding season and there are a few reasons why..its’ so very pretty, it suits most venues, a little goes a long way and it’s very inexpensive. You can glam it up by using loose sprigs of flowers for that added pop of colour, or get creative and select coloured glassware & cutlery as a contrasting colour.

Classic & Glamorous Wedding

Sparkles and more sparkles! It is elegant, exciting, and feels fancy, so it’s no surprise that you and your posse will love all things shimmery! Go on, add a bit of bling to your invitations, dress and tableware for that extra glamour!

Fine Art Deco Wedding

Fine Art, these words just exude sophistication so think timeless, subtle, delicate and old-time elegance like a piece of European Art.

From your soft colour palette, to the fine china, pearl handled cutlery and lace detailed linen,

everything can set the tone!

Geometric & Floral Wedding

Geometrics are definitely a growing trend and it’s no real surprise why. It’s an individual look and it works if you are going high end or casual. It doesn’t need to look edgy though, soften it with some flowers & candles for that extra sophistication.

Romantic Evening & Sunset Wedding

Let’s face when someone asks a bride how to describe their dream wedding, the words love, romance & fun are most likely the tops picks. So, to up all the love ‘n’ romance factors think along the lines of candles, flowers, lanterns & fairy lights, and maybe even some Michael Buble music!

Woodland & Hinterland Wedding

It can be dark and edgy, but that doesn’t mean it has to lack in romance or colour. Use a darker colour palette of burgundy & marsala and team it up with emerald, pale pinks and copper tones for that elegant and warm twist. Looks amazing in hinterland & woodland areas and your big barn weddings!

Earthy Tones Wedding

Pampas grass is in-expensive, easy to dress up & fun to get super creative with. It’s suitable for just about anywhere and you can use it in-conjunction with some bright flowers for a pop of colour or contrast it with some greenery.

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